Staff & Developments

Solidaridad is an international network organization with partners all over the world. There is one agenda and one strategy: together we learn and progress, together we achieve results and together we decide on future steps.

During 2015, Solidaridad consisted of 10 regional expertise centres (REC) throughout the world with a network secretariat connecting the RECs. The Solidaridad Network Secretariat (officially Solidaridad Network Foundation, founded in 2011) is located in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in the same office building as Solidaridad Netherlands, one of the regional expertise centres. The Solidaridad Network Secretariat consists of the Executive Director and a small team of specialists for delivering the following services that support the whole network:

  • Providing services for the development and enforcement of our quality assurance systems and standards for financial management, accountability and control, planning, monitoring and evaluation, ICT infrastructure and human resource management.
  • Managing global communication, including our international website and the development of tools for global branding and communication.
  • Facilitating the process of global policy development by supporting our global organizational entities such as the Executive Director, the Executive Board of Directors, the Global Commodity Teams and the Global Account Teams.

In 2015, Solidaridad Andes and Solidaridad South America worked toward a merger that became effective per January 2016. The new name of this regional expertise centre is now Solidaridad South America with headquarters in Lima, Peru, under the ultimate responsibility of the current managing director, Gonzalo La Cruz. The previous managing director of Solidaridad South America, Jeroen Douglas, has returned to the Netherlands and will continue to work for Solidaridad from the Network Secretariat.


Organization chart

All managing directors must adhere to agreed policies and stimulate optimal cooperation, open communication and knowledge exchange between the RECs. Furthermore, they are responsible for fostering a “giving factor” between RECs, making fair deals on payment for joint and mutual services, and joining forces to operate more effectively.

Legal structure

In order to ensure effective daily operations and an efficient payment structure, the 10 regional expertise centres in 2015 were grouped on five continents, each with their own supervisory structure. Legal entities for these five continental Solidaridad regions are established in Utrecht, the Netherlands (for Europe), San Francisco, USA (for North America), Panama City, Panama (for Latin America), Nairobi, Kenya (for Africa) and Hong Kong, China (for Asia). In mid-2015, a consistency check was initiated to ensure that all legal entities have the most optimal connection to the appropriate supervisory boards.

Staff per region

The total number of employees that were employed throughout the Solidaridad Network as of 31 December 2015 was 391 (2014: 364 employees). The 391 employees corresponded to 359.5 FTE by the end of 2015.

Gender diversity

Solidaridad firmly reinforces equity and diversity principles and practices applied across the employment lifecycle to support and improve gender equality outcomes in the workplace.

Of the 391 employees, 122 employees were female (31%). The table above shows the male / female division per continent.